Five Nights at Sodor is a Five Nights at Freddy's parody with TTTE characters.

Plot Edit

The time is Summer 1992. You've just got out of high school, and don't want to go into college. You read the newspaper, and a kid's diner called Sodor Magic needs a night guard. When you see you get $215 a week, you're in, and on a Wednesday, you got your first day.

Antagonists Edit

Thomas Edit

Edward Edit

Henry Edit

Gordon Edit

James Edit

Percy Edit

Toby Edit

Duck Edit

Donald Edit

Douglas Edit

Oliver Edit

Phone Calls Edit

Night 1 Edit

"Hello? You here? Well, if you are, welcome to Sodor Magic. It's basically Chuck E. Cheese with Thomas the Tank Engine. So, look at the cameras. I bet you saw the stage. If you didn't know, the engines are Thomas, Edward, Gordon, James, Percy, Toby, Duck, Donald, and Douglas. That's the number order. You'll need to know that later. Anyways, if you look at the storage room, you'll see one damaged engine and another that is just wheels. That's Henry and Oliver respectively, I'll explain them tomorrow. Don't use up your lights or doors too much. Oh yeah, Edward and Percy will be acting a little odd today. Every night, the engines may leave and try to attack you. Well, I gotta go. Good luck and bye!"

Night 2 Edit

"Hey, dude! I came to check the place at around noon. Edward didn't break the doors. Surprisingly. Well, I should tell you about the storage engines. Henry was kinda in an... accident. Thomas, Edward, and Henry were built with an older programming, they were prone to failure. Henry crashed, and was severely damaged. We started to rebuild him, but controversy arose. I guess one kid was hit by Henry and was killed. So, we're building Oliver as a replacement. Anyways, Gordon nearly was. Oh gosh. Gordon! He'll probably come today, and he's fast. I remember a janitor nearly got ran over by him! By the way, most of the engines will be active. But, bye! Be careful."

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