Go! Go! Thomas! is an OO gauge model train merchandise.

Beginning Edit

Go! Go! Thomas! was started by a young girl making a model of a Furness Railway K2 on N scale track. Her father liked it so much, and even submitted it to Fisher-Price. The company liked the model and liked it more when the father said that they could make models of Thomas and Friends. So, they started producing OO scale models.

Engines Edit

2016 Edit

In 2016, the modelling began. At first, it was just Thomas. But James came just in time for Christmas.

  • Thomas (Released 3-4-16)
  • James (Released 12-13-16)

2017 Edit

Due to demand, more engines were wanted. Percy was comfirmed, and a contest for the other 5 Steam Team characters on which 3 should be made. Gordon was in first, Edward in second, Emily in third, Toby in forth, and Henry in last. However, Emily had to have a longer waiting time due to difficulties.

  • Edward (Released 4-1-17)
  • Gordon (Released 4-1-17)
  • Percy (Released 4-1-17)
  • Emily (Released 4-7-17)

2018 Edit

2018 was the first year to make a non-Steam Team model.

  • Henry (Released 1-8-18)
  • Toby (Released 7-19-18)
  • Duck (Released 1-9-18)

2019 Edit

2019 had the most models released so far. Some of the models were faulty though due to an engine error. Charlie was the only character who did not get a complaint.

  • Donald (Released 2-4-19)
  • Douglas (Released 2-3-19)
  • Mavis (Released 2-3-19)
  • Stepney (Released 8-15-19)
  • Charlie (Released 5-23-19)
  • Murdoch (Released 1-9-19)
  • Diesel (Released 1-3-19)

2020 Edit

This year introduced the 75th anniversary engines.

  • 75th Anniversary Thomas (Released 1-1-20)
  • 75th Anniversary Gordon (Released 1-1-20)
  • 75th Anniversary Percy (Released 1-1-20)
  • The Diesel (Released 11-29-20)

Rolling Stock Edit

2017 Edit

2017 was the first year for individual rolling stock to be released.

  • Annie (Released 1-22-17)
  • Clarabel (Released 1-22-17)
  • Troublesome Truck (Released 8-2-17)

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