The New Railway Series is a sequel to The Railway Series written by an anonymous author.

Books Edit

Book 1: Barry the Rescue Engine Edit

Two new engines arrive, Barry and Timothy. The two get in big trouble when Diesel comes.

The New Engines Edit

Donald and Douglas are having many issues after Wilbert left. Sir Topham Hatt promies that two engines are coming, and the next day, a saddle tank engine named Timothy arrived. Meanwhile, another engine named Barry is coming to help on the Main Line, and Henry needs to pick up a good train, and finds Barry and his tender on the flatbeds, he looked terrible.

Diesel Returns Edit

A few weeks later, Barry was restored. He was pulling a freight train when he saw Diesel, he whistled hello. But Diesel said rude things to Barry. At night, it was just Barry and Edward in the sheds. Edward told Barry about how Diesel had acted in the past, such as when he framed Duck. Edward knew Diesel would cause trouble, and Barry promised to keep an eye on Diesel.

Truck Issues Edit

Barry needs to pull a very heavy goods train with Gordon helping. Gordon kept complaining about the trucks, and Barry was annoyed, VERY annoyed. He told Gordon to shut up. The trucks keep bumping around, and Barry and Gordon are annoyed. The trucks call the two fat, and Barry learns something when the coal arrives at the stations, that trucks are annoying.

Barry Saves the Day Edit

Diesel is going back to the Other Railway soon. Duck tells Barry this, and both are excited. Diesel had been surprisingly good. Donald, Douglas, and Timothy were resting in Tidmouth Sheds, Timothy was sleeping. So, Donald and Douglas left to see the island and let Timothy sleep. But Diesel accidentally caught a tar tanker on fire! Barry saw the fire, and knew he had to be brave. He puffed into the sheds, coupled to Timothy, and escaped just in time. All the engines celebrated for Barry's rescue.

Book 2: The Runaway Engine Edit

A runaway engine and a brakevan arrive to Sodor, the engine gets in many issues.

Repairing the Bridge Edit

Thomas, Edward, and James were at Vicarstown Bridge, it was being under repairs, but boats still came. So, the bridge was raised and lowered all day. James kept complaining, but stopped when all three of the engines heard an unfamiliar, deep whistle. The three watched in shock as a tank engine with 10 wheels was going on the bridge when it was rising! Edward shouted at Thomas to move back, as the engine was on his line. Thomas moved back and the engine and a brakevan crashed into a siding, repairs were necessary.

Amnesia Edit

Sir Topham Hatt arrived to the accident, he told James to take the engine to The Works. James kept bragging until the engine told him to shut up. James is quiet for the rest of the trip, and leaves the engine at The Works. Sir Tophwm Hatt asks the engine where he came from, but he couldn't remember. Same with his name, and almost everything. The engine having amnesia got around quick, and the engines felt bad.

Thomas' Temporary Brakevan Edit

Since the engine had broken down, Thomas was allowed to use the brakevan. The brakevan said his name was Phillip, and the two got along. Phillip was sad, and missed the engine. Thomas comforted Phillip, and the two kept puffing. Phillip said the engine's name was Bruce, and was scared when Thomas told him he had amnesia after. Thomas and Phillip puffed to The Works and Bruce.

Remembering Edit

Bruce was almost done being repaired. Thomas and Phillip told Bruce his name. Bruce remembered everything, him being built in 1905, World War II, escaping from scrap, and even his class, a GNR Class L1. BoCo was around, and told Bruce the rest of his class was scrapped. Bruce was happy to learn that, and he didn't seem sad. Thomas called him a strong engine and puffed away.

Book 3: Edward the Blue Engine Does it Again Edit

Percy gets in an accident, and Sir Topham Hatt sends Edward to help Thomas' Branch Line.

The Ghost Story Edit

Thomas, Percy, Toby, and Daisy were resting at night. Thomas told a ghost story about him seeing one of Bruce's brothers as a ghost. Percy is scared, and Sir Topham Hatt told Percy and Daisy that they both had to pull one more train. An owl scared Percy. Daisy tried to stop him, but Percy derailed and got damaged. Daisy got The Breakdown Train, and got Percy. An engine needed to take Percy's place until he was fixed.

Old and New Edit

Edward was coming to Thomas' Branch Line, since his was not having much business. Plus, Bruce now worked there. So, Edward came to greet Daisy, and Daisy called him old. Edward agreed with Daisy, and she was shocked and rolled away. But later, Daisy broke down. Toby and Henrietta took her passengers, and Edward pushed Daisy home. Daisy apologized, and the two became good friends.

The Two Blue Engines Edit

Thomas and Edward were shunting trucks for an express freight train. The two had been long friends, and Edward helped Thomas when he first arrived. Thomas looked up at Edward no matter what, and Edward ran out of coal. Thomas gave him some coal, and Edward was very glad. Later, the two double headed a passenger train. This time, Thomas ran out of coal, and Edward helped him. Daisy even took some of the passengers for them!

Percy Returns Edit

Sir Topham Hatt walks to Thomas, Edward, Toby, and Daisy. He tells the four that Percy is coming back tomorrow, Thomas is excited that his best friend will be coming back, but is sad at the same time. He'll miss Edward. Edward just tells Thomas it'll be fine. Toby does the same. Edward is about to leave, but Percy comes back early. Percy tells Edward what happened, and Edward explained to Percy that Bruce only had sisters!

Book 4: Thomas and The Mountain Engines Edit

Thomas meets Ernest when he's coming back to his railway, they become good friends.

Thomas and Ernest Edit

Bill and Ben were taking Ernest, the #2 on the Culdee Fell Railway back home. But, Bill broke a wheel. So, Ben has to take Bill to get a new wheel. Ernest is put in a siding, and Thomas arrived. He had a day off. Ernest told Thomas about his railway, and Thomas did the same. Thomas was curious about a mountain railway, so Ernest decided to tell Thomas about the engines. The steam ones didn't need to be explained, but the others were a different story...

The Four Diesels Edit

Ernest explained to Thomas there were four diesels, Hagry (#9), named after the chairman at the time, was arrogant and rude. Sasquatch (#10), named by school students, was caring and polite. Cassie (#11) was a brave tomboy, and John (#12) was really shy. All four were troublesome when they first arrived, they'd crash into each other. Mr. Percival threatened to scrap them, they stopped being silly. Thomas hoped to meet them.

Mini Daisy Edit

Next, Thomas was told about the three railcars. All three were similar, being male and cocky, #21 was Larry, who was an idiot. Stan, #22, was nice. Lastly, Mario, #23, was rude. Mario tried to frame Shane Dooiney, but derailed. Larry was also scrapped the day after. But, Stan stayed at the railway. Everyone liked him. Thomas became sad, but when Ernest told him they were in a better place, Thomas became happy. Bill and Ben arrived, and pulled Ernest away. Thomas followed.

Coming Back Home Edit

The four arrived at a station that connected Culdee Fell Railway and North Western Railway. All the engines on Culdee Fell Railway were there. Thomas smiled to Ernest when Culdee got a breakdown crane to put him on the rails. Ernest introduced all the engines, and Mr. Percival promised to ask Sir Topham Hatt to have Culdee Fell Railway tracks on Thomas' Branch Line.

Book 5: Mid Sodor Engines Edit

Duke remembers the Mid Sodor Railway, revealing many secrets.

Engines (Number Order):

  1. Duke - You know him.
  2. Stanley - You know him.
  3. Falcon - You know him.
  4. Stuart - You know him.
  5. Tim - A nice engine, he cared for the others.
  6. Jennings - A rude engine, he got in an accident and died.
  7. Jim - The rudest engine on the railway. He boasts a lot.
  8. Alfred - The older of the mine twins, he is very mature.
  9. Atlas - The younger of the mine twins, he is troublesome.
  10. Jerry - A smart and polite engine. He helps Duke with mentoring the engines.
  11. AlBert - Basically Henry.

The Storm Edit

It was a dark, stormy night on the Mid Sodor Railway. All the engines were in the shed. They even added a cover for Stanley! Albert was scared, and Falcon kept teasing his brother until Duke and Jerry stopped it. Jim boasted that if he was outside, he wouldn't be harmed. But Jennings actually went outside and started shunting Gunpowder Wagons! Everyone was yelling at him to get back in, Stanley even blew his whistle, which he still had for some reason. But, trouble happened. Jennings was struck by lighting, and the wagons were unharmed. All the engines were shocked and silent, Jennings was no longer around. It was a struggle for the engines to explain the accident. It was sad.

Jennings' Funeral Edit

All the engines were at a memorial for Jennings. Duke even got Stanley on a flatbed. Tim was the saddest, he cared for all the engines. Atlas and Alfred, the mine engines, comforted him. Albert was still shaken up, and Duke was dissapointed in what Jennings did. After it, the engines had to go back to work. Stuart was still haunted by the accident, and stopped when he saw Duke, Tim, and Jerry yelling at Jim. Stuart heard Jerry say he was glad Jennings was gone, and Jim was shut up in the sheds. Later, Falcon teased Jerry. He sure did feel embarrassed. But, suddenly, an alarm went off.

Mine Madness Edit

Atlas and Alfred were working in the mines, shunting trucks, pulling trucks, etc. Suddenly, Atlas noticed a bit of water. Alfred and the miners doubted it, as Atlas could be very troublesome. But, later, Atlas saw more water. Alfred saw it too. The miners thought they were just pulling a prank. But, suddenly, an alarm went off, the mine was flooding! Miners boarded the mine cars. Atlas pulled them out, Alfred had ran out of water! Atlas didn't notice until it was too late, all of the mine was flooded. Falcon and Jim rushed over, the mine was in a terrible state, Stanley had broken down. The railway's main purpose was gone. A lack of maintenance caused the railway's demise. Another engine was gone.

Closure... Edit

The Mid Sodor Railway was being closed. The engines were sad. Jim was going to be scrapped, which shocked him. Atlas was going to a museum, that made her happy. Tim, Jerry, and Alfred were all going to be sent to a narrow gauge railway, they all cheered. And lastly, Duke was going to have to stay, Stanley was going to be restored, and Falcon and Stuart had nowhere to go yet. Everyone went where they needed to go. After a few weeks, a man named Mr. Percival bought Stuart and Falcon, and they left. Stanley went to the museum along with Atlas, and Duke was put in a shed, and now, the railway is gone, but all the engines are where they are now. Except Jerry, he sadly had an accident and had to be scrapped.

The Present Edit

It was revealed that the stories were told by Duke to Rheneas, who were both being repainted. But, Duke heard a whistle he had not heard in forever. It was an engine he was glad to see. Stanley was the one who whistled! Mr. Percival had bought Stanley, as he was in great condition. Stanley told Duke that Atlas said hello. Duke introduced Stanley and Rheneas to each other. Stanley said he was going to prank Sir Handel, calling him Falcon. Duke corrected him, and in the sheds at night, Stanley puffed up. He claimed he was a ghost. Sit Handel fell for it, and all the engines laughed, except Sir Handel.

Book 6: Little Western Engines Edit

Many adventures happen on The Litle Western and Arlesdale Railway.

Duck the Hero Edit

Oliver was resting in a siding, but was shocked when Duck hauled a blue miniature gauge engine, Bert had been rebuilt. Donald was behind Duck, with the Breakdown Train. Bert was lifted on the rails. Mike was jealous of Bert, thinking he deserved a rebuild. Blister I and II both told Mike he was the fine the way he was. Mike was still jealous, as everyone liked Bert. Later, since Rex was busy, Mike had to take his place in pulling a long freight train with Frank. But, the points were jammed. Mike and Frank were sent to The Chute! Mike started going off, and Frank thought he was too weak to pull him back. Duck and Toad watched in terror. Duck told Frank he could do it, and Frank did. Duck and Frank got a reward, and Mike felt silly.

Toad Story Edit

Douglas and Toad were taking cover in a tunnel due to a storm. But, Douglas accidentally left with his freight train without Toad. He was left in the tunnel. But, the next day, Donald was pulling a passenger train tender first, he pushed Toad into a siding that was hidden. Toad was missing for weeks, Thomas even arrived on the Little Western to help searching for Toad. Poor Toad was scared, cold, and sad. But, Duck found the siding. He pulled into the siding, and found Toad! He was pretty stuck, but Duck's driver and fireman got Toad out. Duck pushed Toad to Oliver, everyone was happy.

Superheated Brothers Edit

Sigrid of Arlesdale is a very rude engine, basically the Arlesdale Railway's Diesel. He was angry at Jock and Bert, since they we're famous. So, Sigrid of Arlesdale told Mike, Blister I and Blister II lies about the superheated engines. He said Bert and Jock are brothers and that they will scrap the others. All four avoided Bert and Jock. Later, the two talk to Rex and Frank, and Rex gets angry. He goes to the four and yells at them. Sigrid of Arlesdale confesses that he had lied about the duo of superheated engines. Jock, Frank, Bert, and Mr. Francis Duncan had been listening the entire time of the conversation. Mr. Francis Duncan unboarded Frank and scolded Sigrid of Arlesdale. Mike and the Blisters apologized, but Sigrid of Arlesdale snuck away. But, Jock stopped him. There will be trouble...

More Twins Edit

Donald, Douglas, and Timothy were busy one day, and two unfamiliar whistles were heard. Two tender engines arrived, they were named Diana and Dolly, and they were twins. But, Donald was confused. Diana was 2-6-0, but Dolly was 4-6-0. Timothy explained their class had both of those configurations. Later, Sir Topham Hatt told the five a very long and heavy freight train needed to be pulled. All five coupled up, the two pairs of twins at the front, and Timothy pushing behind. After a long trip, they arrived at the last station. All five were exhausted, and Sir Topham Hatt congradulated them.

Douglas' Girlfriend Edit

One day, Donald, Dolly, and Timothy were gone. Douglas and Diana were at the yards alone. The two accidentally collided lightly. Both of them apologized and seemed to blush. Later, Donald and Diana came into a shed to see them talking, they were lucky to sneak away. They found out Douglas and Diana were DATING from Oliver. They'd secretly watch the two. Until they saw... something, they told Duck and Timothy. The two were angry. At Donald and Dolly. Bert came by and said it was rude to watch them. Even if they were related to them. Timothy said that the two should not do that again, Duck agreed. So, Diana and Douglas kept dating. Little did anyone know, Toad, Isabel, Dulcie, Alice, and Mirabel were sometimes stuck watching them.

Book 7: Return of Some Special Engines Edit

Four engines returned to the NWR after a long absence. One even stays.

A Big D199 Edit

Bear was telling Barry about D199, and how rude he was. The next day, Sir Topham Hatt tells the engines that D199 has changed to being much nicer and that he may be scrapped. All the engines are shocked. Two days later, D199 comes to Edward's Branch Line, he's greeted by Edward. D199 asks Edward if he needs help, Edward does. The two get the train to arrive in record time. D199 really did change. All the engines heard about what D199 did, he's allowed to stay for no price. The engines are glad. Especially Bear, he's glad to see his companion from before so different, he is named Charles, named after Sir Topham Hatt's father.

Bluebells Forever! Edit

Stepney was finally coming back to Sodor after a long absence. However, he goes on the wrong track, so he goes to a small abandoned railway, a few engines start puffing towards him, and he puffs away. When he gets to Sodor, he tells Gordon the story, he doesn't believe it. Then, he tells Ivo Hugh. The same story there. But, he finds out it was a dream, and Stepney was already there. Percy says hello, Stepney does the same. Later, Stepney talks to Percy about the dream. Percy is scared, Stepney was too.

Rude Jinty Edit

Jinty was back due to a contract and demand by Percy. He comes, and is troublesome. Thomas tried to keep him in order, but failed. Henry recommended Bruce. Bruce would yell at Jinty every time he tried to cause issues. Edward was shocked by his sternness. But, Bruce explained that he needed to. Later, Jinty was sent away for being rude. Bruce was kind of relieved.

Class 40 Returns Edit

One day, James had to get a new tender. So, Class 40 came. Engines despised Class 40, as he was very arrogant and needed to be nicer. Annie and Clarabel said that Bruce may be useful. But, Bruce was exhausted by Jinty. Thus, they couldn't use him for any help. Charles, Bear, Daisy, and BoCo all tried to talk to him. But, Class 40 claimed they were idiots. But, when James comes back. Thus, Class 40 leaves, being a disgrace. Like last time he was at the NWR.

Book 8: Three Veteran Engines Edit

Edward, Henry, and Gordon tell the younger engines some stories. If you count the original Railway Series, it's the 50th book.

The Coffee Pots Edit

Edward, Henry, and Gordon were telling stories of the early days. Before any of the engines on the NWR todat arrived, there were Coffee Pots. They were Petey, Mildred, Bob, and Glynn. Glynn was the only one who was not cheeky. They were built by Sir Topham Hatt's grandfather. Thus, they were famous in the Hatt family, and they did have issuses at times. But, Glynn was kept when Petey, Mildred, and Bob were scrapped. Glynn was retired when Thomas arrived, and was sent to a railway museum. All of the engines that were around at the time remembered the coffee pots. And their brown water leaks.

A Visiting Engine Edit

Once, in 1923, Gordon had just arrived. The railway was busier than ever. So, Sir Topham Hatt got an engine. He was a small 0-6-0 tank engine, he looked like a cabless Thomas with a number 13 and being yellow and silver. Gordon was rude to him, but Glynn, Edward, and Henry were nice. Lee once even saved Henry from a collapsing bridge when he ran out of coal. He was thanked and was well known, until one day...

A Major Tragedy Edit

Lee was having to pull a train to a mountain village on a rocky line. Since he had no back coupling, he had to push it. Edward got a troublesome truck full of supplies, three coaches named Mary, Mark, and Myrtle, and a brakevan, Edward warns Lee, but Lee is too cheeky to listen. Lee whistled loudly. A rockslide started, Edward was safe, but Lee and his train all fell in the water below. The village was now isolated because of Lee's cheekyness. Bruce seemed to be nervous, but James asked what happened after. The engines said Lee was very damaged, but found. They forgot to mention that Lee was unlucky, then they did. Gordon also remembered putting Lee in a siding, and he left one day, Bruce was still nervous, Phillip asked why. Bruce was silent.

Finding Henry Edit

Gordon was waiting in Tidmouth Sheds for Henry, who was gone. Glynn and Edward arrived, wondering where Henry was. Gordon wondered the same thing. Edward and Gordon decided to search, Glynn wanted to as well, but one of his water leakages began. So, the duo began, nervous. They knew it was raining, so their first guess was that Henry was hiding, as he did all the time. They checked tunnels, sheds, and even a bridge. They had given up, they returned to Tidmouth Sheds, and Henry was there, hiding. All of them laughed. They found Henry!

Book 9: The War Edit

In part 1 of the war book, the Sodor-Mainland War begins, and a life of a friend is lost.

Bruce's Thoughts Edit

Thomas, Edward, Henry, Gordon, James, Percy, Toby, Duck, Barry, and Bruce were in Tidmouth Sheds. Bruce was silent, he seemed odd. Percy asked why, and Bruce thinks something bad is going to happen. The others laughed. Toby said Bruce is acting silly. Edward agrees, but says that something bad can happen any day. Everyone agrees with wise, old Edward. Thomas and Barry hear a noise, then everyone else does. Missiles. The engines flee the sheds, all the engines on Sodor took cover. Bruce was right, he pushed James out of the way from a missile. All the engines watched in horror as there were explosions everywhere. Suddenly, a bomb was seen by the carriage shed.

A Life Lost Edit

Thomas saved Annie, Toby saved Clarabel, Gordon saved Henrietta, Barry saved Isabel, Edward saved Dulcie, and Duck saved Mirabel. But, Alice was not saved in time. She died in the explosion. The next day, Sir Topham Hatt announced a war between Sodor and the Mainland had begun. Bruce was actually excited, nobody knew why. Charles knew Bruce had been in war. Bruce noted that Phillip was gone, meaning he probably was kidnapped! Phillip had been gone for a week, and Sir Topham Hatt agreed with Bruce. So, Sir Topham Hatt told Henry, Gordon, and James to get a heavy train with military supplies.

The War Begins Edit

The three engines arrived with the train. It was supplies for modifying the trains. Mainly weapons and black paint. The engines were equipped, except Edward. He was sent away to a place where he wouldn't be harmed. Sir Topham Hatt was not afraid to start his railway all over. Mr. Percival sends Duke and Wilfred away, and Mr. Francis Duncan sent Blister I away. All the engines had to be safe. So, the war began. Bruce was the only engine to attack, he killed the soldiers easily. Everyone was shocked. But, James kept complaining that his red paint was gone. But, Bruce kept killing, it was shocking.

Military Engines Edit

The first major war of the Sodor-Mainland War had begun, the engines actually were fighting now. Soliders were dying, Mainland engines were exploding, and everything was chaos. One day, it was just Thomas, Percy, and Bruce at the hideout, the three tank engines wondered where the war was going to head to, they all had no idea. A military leader told Bruce he needed to pull an important train, and Percy was the back engine. But, Bruce said he didn't want Percy to die, so Bruce went on his own. Bruce had the train arrive, but he never came back. Henry was confused, and at night, everyone wondered where he was.

Book 10: The War Almost Over Edit

The second and final book in the war book, a shocking secret is revealed.

Nearly Done Edit

The Final Battle Edit

They Won! Edit

The Reveal Edit

Edward's Secret Edit

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