"Agh! Duck, you scared me!"
"You scared me first, silly!"
-Thomas and Duck when Duck scared Thomas.

Thomas' Prank is the first episode of season 1 of Thomas and His Friends.

Plot Edit

Thomas is sent to The Little Western due to Oliver breaking down. The others told him goodbye. Duck welcomed Thomas, and made him feel comfortable. But Duck didn't know that Thomas was going to scare him. But later, when Duck was alone and resting, Thomas blew his whistle as loud as possible. Duck was cross with Thomas and puffed away. But Thomas felt happy, and knew Duck would be laughing too.

But Duck wasn't laughing, he was still cross with Thomas for scaring him. Duck's driver and fireman had an idea. When Thomas was sleeping at night, he would be awakened by Duck whistling. Thomas' crew found out, they liked the idea for Duck getting revenge. So, when it was night, Thomas fell asleep. Duck waited.

After a few hours, Duck whistled with all his might. Thomas woke up in shock, but he didn't care. Him and Duck started laughing, and the next day, the two engines whistled at each other all day. Toad even made whistle noises to Thomas and Duck. And a few days later, Sir Topham Hatt told Thomas he could return to his branch line due to Oliver going to return the next day. Thomas and Oliver whistled one last time and Thomas left.

Characters Edit

  • Thomas
  • Toby
  • Duck
  • Daisy
  • Toad
  • Sir Topham Hatt
  • Percy (Does not speak)
  • Clarabel (Does not speak)
  • Annie (Cameo)
  • Oliver (Mentioned)

Trivia Edit

  • The episode is based off the 1998 magazine story, Oliver.

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