Thomas and His Friends is a TTTE spinoff on Netflix.

Season Episodes Edit

Season 1 (2018) Edit

  1. Thomas' Prank (Based off the 1998 magazine story, Oliver)
  2. Edward and the Trucks (Based off the 2008 magazine story, Left Alone)
  3. Hurry Up, Henry! (Based off the 1997 magazine story, Henry)
  4. Sulking About a Station (Based off the 1994 magazine story, The New Station)
  5. James Saves The Day (Based off the 1996 magazine story, Sunday Schedule!)
  6. Percy's Discovery (Based off the 2004 magazine story, Emily's Slide Show)
  7. Missing Ben (Based off the 2004 magazine story, Where's Thomas?)
  8. Small Doesn't Stink (Based off the 2008 magazine story, Superhero!)
  9. Devilish Diesels
  10. The Mystery

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